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Panic Pit Stop Program Bundle 20% Off.

You not only get the whole Panic Pit Stop Program Bundle but you get a 20 minute Recovery Road Map call with Dr Purves.

Go check out the link here:



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Check out the Facebook Live and see the fabulous Black Friday Deal

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2018

Be sure to watch the FB live on the DrPurves Facebook Page

And to cap it all off here is the Fabulous Black Friday Deal, You get 20% off for life on all of my programs and you get a 20 minute Recovery Roadmap call with me.

The Fabulous Opportunity to to Re-train Your Brain

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The Chronic Health And Mindmap Challenge

Make a mind map of the processes (behind the scenes) that cause and maintain your health or mental health problems.

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Facebook Live event on Chronic health and mental health problems

recovery roadmap Nov 20, 2018

Have you ever seen a mind map? I usually create one for my clients during the assessment session for CBT. I call it a Recovery Roadmap. The principle I use with clients is that we look for processes that cause problems. So an example I use is this: Anxiety is the problem you might struggle with but anxiety is not the problem…it’s a consequence of the problem. Something causes your anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t just spring out of nowhere, right? It has to be caused by something else.

Depression is a consequence. Something causes your depression. You experience the depression as your ongoing daily experience but you’re actually experiencing the consequences caused by something else. It’s the something else that we need to deal with.

It’s the causes that need to be stopped. They need to be stopped from creating the consequences you struggle with. This is what I specialize in and this is what all therapy needs to do to have any impact on your life. I...

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If you have had a trauma this will be useful for you.

i am not the problem Nov 15, 2018

We are running a week long discussion on the Panic Pit Stop Support Group on Facebook on trauma and PTSD. If this applies to you then please join the group and participate in the discussion. There are also 5 videos so far that help explain PTSD. So well worth a look. 

Here is a novel thought:- You are not the problem but you have a problem.


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FB Live Video - Overcoming The Feeling of Dread

anxiety dread panic stress Nov 09, 2018

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 FB Live Video on Overcoming The Feeling of Dread

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, November 9, 2018
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How to remove the feeling of dread from your life

I am sharing a secret weapon taught to me by Paul McKenna on how to get rid of the feeling of dread...anytime you have it. I am sharing this on a Facebook Live Broadcast on Friday 9th November at 3.00pm GMT. If this is something you are interested in then please don't miss it. It will be broadcast on the Facebook Page.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Best wishes


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Your self limiting beliefs are like anchors on the sea bed. It's hard to move on.

Uncategorized Oct 17, 2018

If there is a glimmer of recognition of the validity of this statement then please watch this video and see a way forward.

 Also, I am holding a Facebook Live event on Thursday 18th Oct at 19.00 GMT. Please join me.

And send your question to [email protected]

Best wishes

Dr David Purves

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The real Matrix and what it makes you do.

the real matrix Oct 10, 2018

If you take a moment and consider the disconnect between your experience of what you feel/believe and what external reality tells/shows you then you have seen the power of the real matrix first hand. 

I see this every day in my clinical practice. People say they have no 'real' reason to be anxious or depressed, and yet they are. In this video I explain how this disconnect happens and what its' implications are for you. 


 If you can see the logic and simplicity of what I describe then you are in a position to make a choice. Free your mind from the shackles of strong and wrong negative beliefs. And move forward to now! Or don't!

I have created a new fantastically comprehensive CBT Treatment Program set up. Please check it out below if you are interested in feeling a lot better for Christmas.

The Dr Purves Program Program Bundle

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Take a bite back at anxiety


Reflections from a quiet morning on a lake in Canada. Three insights that I feel sure you will find helpful.

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