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Uncategorized Nov 26, 2020

One of he most interesting aspects of being a psychologist is that I get to help people, I work with, re-structure their reality.  This may sound a little grandiose but consider these examples.

If a woman believes she has little personal value then virtually everything she does will be affected by this belief. I would anticipate that she will seriously underestimate herself and probably settle for much less that she is capable of.

Let's say a man believes that masculinity is defined by how hard he works and what he objectively achieves in life. This leads to overwork and and stress as his resilience to over-delivering reduces with age. Life itself is not that much fun as feeling driven is also like feeling chased.

As I work with these people and they progress through Anxiety Wizard they come to realise that the version of reality they are living in is only one possible version. The woman with low self esteem can learn that she does have value and people cannot treat her badly. 

The man can re-define is ideas about being a man so that he can have fun whilst being successful enough to satisfy life demands. 

It might look like all we are doing is changing some internal beliefs but what we are really doing is creating more and different possibilities for life. 

Suppose I taught you 20 words of Spanish, enough to be confident in ordering drinks and saying please and thank you. Your experience of going on holiday to Spain will be subtly different. In your exercise of the skill of speaking your 20 words you feel more mastery and more satisfaction. I would even go so far as to say you are a little more empowered. 

What I want you to realise is that your reality...the reality you have created for yourself is only one version of many different possible realities. You can have a different one if you want it! It will not just happen to you without you desiring it and putting a little effort into creating it, but you can definitely do it.

So if you are unhappy with the reality you have created for yourself let's make a few changes. In some circles it is called Lifestyle Design. I prefer the more down to earth title of Life Design. It feels a little more fundamental and it is. 

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