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How To Find And Remove Self Limiting Beliefs

self limiting beliefs Nov 14, 2022

There are few thing more unhelpful than a self destructive mindset. I am sure we can all agree about that. But, what might a self destructive mindset look like. Well, it looks like self limiting beliefs in action. In this video I talk about how self limiting beliefs are formed, how to recognize them and then how to transform them.

This is powerful stuff that can release you from a self imposed prison of unhappiness.

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Don't slide or sleepwalk it's just a very bad idea.

sleepwalking Oct 25, 2022


Our lives are mostly run on autopilot. And thank goodness, because the simplest of human tasks is often far beyond the most complex robot so far constructed. Also, a huge benefit of having things run on autopilot is that we don't have to spend any of our precious consciousness to manage it. Consciousness can be left to manage more complex problems such as where to park the car or what to eat for dinner. But Zombie programs can also cause serious problems. And without some awareness of this fact, they can smoothly and effortless lead you into depression and anxiety. Using your consciousness, which is your only remedy, will not even be an option because it will not even by alerted that there is a problem going on. This subtle slide into mental health problems, driven by Zombie systems probably accounts for the majority of cases of anxiety and depression in the world today. This video explains how this happens and what you can do about it.

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Flying out of depression

Uncategorized Sep 21, 2022

Of all the novel things you can do on holiday, surely taking a flying lesson has to be one of the strangest. Yet doing anything different is a great way to challenge and ultimately eradicate depression. Your brain is always looking for change, difference and novelty. You don't have to go flying to lessen depression simply change your routine and get out of the rut. In this video I take you over the 1000 islands in Canada but I also talk about really small ways you can take back control from depression.

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Why anxiety is exhausting

anxiety is exhasting Jul 02, 2022

If you open my emails and watch my video's (I hope you do) then you will know that I was recently in Canada. It is such a treat to have a different area in which to film and the lovely weather doesn't hurt either. I took the opportunity to show you a bit more of where I was and share my thoughts on why anxiety is exhausting. So Watch the video and please leave comments. Also please subscribe to my You Tube channel to make sure you don't miss out of new videos. ...And...if you like the Rolling Stones I was in Hyde Park in London for the Rolling Stones Concert on 25th June. I recorded the song Sympathy for the Devil and uploaded it to You Tube. We were so close, if was fab. Check it out.

OK, anxiety is exhausting. We all know that. In this video I am going to share with you why anxiety is exhausting, why it doesn't stop being exhausting, but even more importantly what you can do to stop it tiring you out; making it hard to concentrate and function to your full capability. Also I will...

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The Recipe Of Anxiety

Uncategorized Jun 22, 2022

 Anxiety is no different to most things that are persistent, there is a formula or as I am calling it a recipe for anxiety. And, like every other recipe in the world, if you do this you will get that outcome. There is a straightforward correlation. Do this and that will happen. You might want to cook a nice meal and so you follow the recipe willingly, with anxiety you are unconsciously doing it but you are still following the recipe, hence the outcome of anxiety. This video explains the recipe for you. And, let's be clear the recipe is the roadmap to the outcome. Once you know the recipe you can change the outcome. This is real power over anxiety. You can become a master chef.

The Recipe of Anxiety Video is Here

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Emotional power and control, the unseen force

power and control Feb 16, 2022


Emotional power and control, the unseen force. 

I cannot emphasis too strongly the importance of understanding the role power and control plays in every aspect of your life. Particularly, if things are not quite going how you want them to. 

The basic principle is very easy to grasp but hard to believe. You have all the power and control you need to manage every life eventuality. The trouble is you don't know about power and control so you give yours away automatically then blame external circumstances for not having it anymore.

Eg. My job makes me stressed.

She/he makes me so angry.

I cannot because I am anxious.

I cannot because I might panic.

I cannot because I am depressed.

These are all simple examples, we all are prone to, of giving away our power and control and then blaming something else for not feeling in control.

Watch the video for a lot more detail.

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The Wrong Emotion At The Wrong Time

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2021

All mental health problems arise from experiencing the wrong emotion at the wrong time. This is not to blame emotions, they are fundamental to every aspect of your life. But the wrong emotion in any circumstance is going to give you the wrong reaction. For example, laying in bed and experiencing the extreme fear reaction of panic. Having a lovely holiday with your family and experiencing sadness. Walking to work and feeling anxiety, or going for a night out and feeling shame. These are all legitimate emotions but they are wrong in the context. The emotion tells you how to feel but it is the wrong feeling for the context. If you want to rectify this and feel more of the right emotions in the right circumstances then we need to work to retrain your brain. Basically this means teaching your brain that it is getting things wrong and showing it what the right emotions is in any particular setting.

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You can't change an emotion from the inside out

blog post Nov 15, 2021

But...I show you how to change it from the outside in.

From time to time we can all get stuck in an emotion and lose perspective on that emotion. But when the emotion gets stuck and therefore the feeling persists for a long time or it is really horrible then we need to understand why this is happening. There is always a strong desire 'not feel this way' but that alone will do nothing other than deepen the horrible feeling.

It is really fundamental to recognize that you cannot change an emotion from inside of it but you can change it when you step out of it's pull and recognise the truth of your reality. 

This video explains it in more detail.

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Use the 5 principles of lifestyle design to eradicate mental health problems

lifestyle design Nov 02, 2021


It is the beginning of the COP 26 conference, and the attempt by global leaders to save the planet for future generations. Many of us will not be here to see all the outcomes of their efforts. Why not think about saving ourselves now. Because we matter. You matter. Why not think about editing your life to give you more of what you want and less of what you don't want. Make the remainder of your life happy and fun. Do what you want to be who you want to be. This is lifestyle design. In this video I describe the 5 main principles for editing mental health problems out of your life. These are:-

1) Don't accept the status quo; if it is not giving you what you want from life then challenge it. We make the assumption that the life we have is the life we 'should' have. This is not the case. There are many small adjustments we can make that give us huge improvements. When you change the direction you are travelling you always end up in a different place. This is conscious lifestyle...

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How can I trust you?

blog Oct 25, 2021

When I have an awareness campaign running on Facebook, I often read the comment 'why is Anxiety Wizard not free?' I was puzzled by this for a long time. Anxiety Wizard took two years and about 600 hours to build. Why would someone expect it to be free? If it was a published book no one would expect it to be free. Then I realized that it was probably not the question. Maybe it is a bit like 'How are you'? Not a question, really more a greeting. No one really expects a true answer. 

I wondered if the real question was; how can I trust this will help me? How can I trust he knows what he is talking about? How can I trust myself to get the most out of it? How can I trust I will use it? Can a mental health problem really be solved without a therapist of a medication? Doubt and uncertainty coalesce into inaction. Which means that nothing gets done, changed, engaged with. There is no progress. The sad thing is that doubt and uncertainty are likely to be elements of the problems you...

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