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You can't change an emotion from the inside out

blog post Nov 15, 2021

But...I show you how to change it from the outside in.

From time to time we can all get stuck in an emotion and lose perspective on that emotion. But when the emotion gets stuck and therefore the feeling persists for a long time or it is really horrible then we need to understand why this is happening. There is always a strong desire 'not feel this way' but that alone will do nothing other than deepen the horrible feeling.

It is really fundamental to recognize that you cannot change an emotion from inside of it but you can change it when you step out of it's pull and recognise the truth of your reality. 

This video explains it in more detail.

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Use the 5 principles of lifestyle design to eradicate mental health problems

lifestyle design Nov 02, 2021


It is the beginning of the COP 26 conference, and the attempt by global leaders to save the planet for future generations. Many of us will not be here to see all the outcomes of their efforts. Why not think about saving ourselves now. Because we matter. You matter. Why not think about editing your life to give you more of what you want and less of what you don't want. Make the remainder of your life happy and fun. Do what you want to be who you want to be. This is lifestyle design. In this video I describe the 5 main principles for editing mental health problems out of your life. These are:-

1) Don't accept the status quo; if it is not giving you what you want from life then challenge it. We make the assumption that the life we have is the life we 'should' have. This is not the case. There are many small adjustments we can make that give us huge improvements. When you change the direction you are travelling you always end up in a different place. This is conscious lifestyle...

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How can I trust you?

blog Oct 25, 2021

When I have an awareness campaign running on Facebook, I often read the comment 'why is Anxiety Wizard not free?' I was puzzled by this for a long time. Anxiety Wizard took two years and about 600 hours to build. Why would someone expect it to be free? If it was a published book no one would expect it to be free. Then I realized that it was probably not the question. Maybe it is a bit like 'How are you'? Not a question, really more a greeting. No one really expects a true answer. 

I wondered if the real question was; how can I trust this will help me? How can I trust he knows what he is talking about? How can I trust myself to get the most out of it? How can I trust I will use it? Can a mental health problem really be solved without a therapist of a medication? Doubt and uncertainty coalesce into inaction. Which means that nothing gets done, changed, engaged with. There is no progress. The sad thing is that doubt and uncertainty are likely to be elements of the problems you...

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What they should teach the kids at school about mental health, but they don't


It is the week after the A Level results came out (2021) and it got me wondering about why the most important topics there are (in my opinion) are completely neglected, with catastrophic consequences for many millions of people.

School teaches nothing useful about mental health and how to manage it with the result that about 16% of the UK population end up on an antidepressant with horrible consequences. 

I understand that there are many thousands of people working to help those with mental health problems, I am one of them, but they are fighting a losing battle if the basics are not taught in school. In this video I outline what I consider to be the three basic facts that need to be taught (and learnt) but are not.

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Do you know your personal psychological space?


I first made this video a few years ago when I was renting an office in a building that had a small toilet for men. I observed the toilet behaviour of the men on my floor and I realized that something was odd (not me I assure you) so I did some research and I found it quite fascinating. This led me to make this video.  

The video reveals why understanding your personal psychological space is as important as knowing the boundaries of your personal physical space. Every anxiety problem and every depression problem stems, in part from a lack of understanding of the force that your personal psychological space exerts over you. When you identify your personal psychological space, which I have named The Personal Membrane' you will have taken a huge step in owning, managing and defeating its destructive power over you. Depression and anxiety are lessened when you can fully understand why they occurred in the first place. View this video and let's get on this path of discovery and...

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How to crack the code of good mental health.


This is a longish video but then what I am describing is so profoundly important, if you want to be rid of panic, anxiety, depression or stress, that sometimes  things just take a bit of time to explain.

If you take a moment and consider the disconnect between your experience of what you feel/believe and what external reality tells/shows you then you have seen the disconnect between internal reality and external reality first hand. 

I see this every day in my clinical practice. People say they have no 'real' reason to be anxious or depressed, and yet they are. In this video I explain how this disconnect happens and what its' implications are for you. 

I call it learning to crack the code, and there is a simple truth behind this. Learning what the code is and then learning how to crack it is so powerful and so obvious that taking back control of your mental health can even be fun.

If you can see the logic and simplicity of what I describe then you are in a position to...

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How to get distance from emotional pain

emotional pain Mar 01, 2021

Feeling overwhelmed or submerged in struggle can hit you from the most unexpected places. And when it does emotional pain has the effect of dragging you closer and closer to it. You can feel you are swimming in a pool of distress. Indeed, every psychological problem, whether it be panic, anxiety, depression or stress has the quality of immersing you in distressing emotion. Technically it is called interoception and it is a significant facet of all areas of our conscious and unconscious life. It is the process by which the nervous system senses, interprets, and integrates signals originating from within the body. It is that part of you that pays attention to things, mapping the moment by moment internal landscape of your experience. And depending upon how you cognitively interpret that experience gives you the label of panic, anxiety, depression or stress. Which you can then use to understand why you feel the way you do, even though it is a rather circular interpretation. It does not...

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The symptoms of anxiety are the wrong focus for a cure.

Uncategorized Jan 28, 2021

It is understandable that most people are focused of their symptoms. They are unpleasant, destructive and persistent. The symptoms of anxiety, panic, depression and stress are the things that capture your attention. They are the things your doctor asks about and they are the things you are keen to tell her about. But they hold no value when you are searching for a cure. You have to shift your focus to the causes of your symptoms. It is only through challenging and changing the brain programs that create the symptoms will you get any meaningful relief. Watch this video and I will explain fully what this means and what it looks like in practice. 

Use the Anxiety Wizard Program and change the causes of the symptoms.


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Wild Psychology: Three reasons mental health problems are confusing.

wild psychology Dec 22, 2020

I am out and about in the guise of Wild Psychology and reflecting on three of the most troubling aspects of problematic mental health. The first one is that depression and anxiety are confusing to understand when you are inside of them looking out. This is because you feel you need to understand the many spurious elements of your life that probably have no bearing on depression or anxiety but seem important to you. This probably feels like eating a very confusing soup that never seems to come to an end. The second confusing aspect is not at all your fault. It is that you were never taught the vocabulary of psychological process. Yes, you learn history and math at school but nothing useful about the psychology of being human. So, you are probably not equipped with the tools to name, understand and deal with depression or anxiety. Finally, you probably get hooked on symptoms and never delve deeper into what actually causes them. Psychological symptoms are unimportant. They are...

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Reality is Plastic and Life design

Uncategorized Nov 26, 2020

One of he most interesting aspects of being a psychologist is that I get to help people, I work with, re-structure their reality.  This may sound a little grandiose but consider these examples.

If a woman believes she has little personal value then virtually everything she does will be affected by this belief. I would anticipate that she will seriously underestimate herself and probably settle for much less that she is capable of.

Let's say a man believes that masculinity is defined by how hard he works and what he objectively achieves in life. This leads to overwork and and stress as his resilience to over-delivering reduces with age. Life itself is not that much fun as feeling driven is also like feeling chased.

As I work with these people and they progress through Anxiety Wizard they come to realise that the version of reality they are living in is only one possible version. The woman with low self esteem can learn that she does have value and people cannot treat her...

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