Three Mistakes That Cause Anxiety

three mistakes Apr 02, 2023

Anxiety is created by your brain and can only be solved by your brain, but here is the problem. Anxiety is a mistake made by your brain. So unless you do something different it is quite possible that nothing can change.

The first mistake creates others and you get trapped in a loop of mistakes that feed on each other. To be free of anxiety you must learn what these mistakes are and then teach your brain to stop making them.

The first mistake your brain makes is that it creates the experience of fear without an actual threat! Think about it, the next time you are anxious as I need to be anxious? 

The second mistake your brain makes builds on the first. Your brain assumes that you are anxious because something in your external world must be threatening. The leads you to start avoiding things that are actually safe. The result is that you start organizing your life around anxiety instead of teaching your brain not to be anxious.

The third mistake is the result of the previous two. Your body gives you the sensations of fight or flight arousal, as if the threat was real and you actually have to do something about it. But, of course you don't so now you have the feeling of anxiety without an actual threat. This completes the circle and unless you do something about it this circle will go on for ever.

There are really only two viable alternatives to becoming free of anxiety. The first is to invest in a course of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) This will be with a therapist and it will be very effective. 

The second is to start The Anxiety Wizard Program. This gives you all the tools you need to be able to retrain your brain out of anxiety. Anxiety Wizard is Self Paced Self Help. The low cost alternative to expensive therapy.

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