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The Black Box of Mental Health


The Black Box of Mental Health

Why it’s hard to get help and why you are not helped…much with mental health problems.

Mental health problems are like the black box in an aeroplane, we all know it exists, but we have no idea what’s in it or exactly how it works. We know anxiety exists, as does depression, but what are they really? We know the labels for things but not what the labels signify. This presents us with a problem because, without adequate language to explain and to understand a problem, it is very hard to know how to resolve it.

I was interviewed on BBC radio yesterday about emotional burnout, which seems to me to be simply a different name for chronic stress. Nevertheless, the presenter’s questions were focused on what can be done to combat emotional burnout, as if the assumption of its existence was ‘given as read’. There seems to be little interest in the fact that mental health issues are ubiquitous, in all developed...

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