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A Revolution in Mental Health


When the horseless carriage (car) was invented it looked just like a horse drawn carriage but without a horse. The inventors used design and thinking principles from the 19th Century as they ushered in the age of the automobile in the 20th Century. Now the government are using 20th Century thinking as they flounder to solve the problems of mental health in the 21st Century.

Many mental health problems are treatable by the individuals concerned using a more intelligent Self Help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Self help CBT) approach. The problem is that people do not know this. Self Help CBT is clinically effective, cost effective and empowering for the individual. And yet...where is it promoted? No where! The Guardian, today published an article on a report by Mind that stated 65% of adult participants with a pre-existing mental health problem said it had become worse during lock down. With younger people affected more and women more affected than men.

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