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Anxiety Wizard for the NHS

aw4nhs May 19, 2020

Made possible by the members of Dr Purves programs. Thank you.

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Anxiety Wizard for the NHS

aw4nhs May 16, 2020

Well here goes! This is the soft official launch day of I have taken the Anxiety Wizard program and put it onto a completely fresh site and system. It is now available to any NHS worker for free forever. No information other than email is collected, for login purposes. There is no marketing, there is no retaining of any information about the individual. It is fully private. Any worker can access it on any device. This is my way of saying thank you to the NHS for everything they do. Also, because you support me in what we do, this is in tribute to all of you for the contribution you have made to support Anxiety Wizard and the benefits it can bring. Please share widely. Let's get the word out. Thank you!

If you have an NHS email you can join now. 

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