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Don't slide or sleepwalk it's just a very bad idea.

sleepwalking Oct 25, 2022


Our lives are mostly run on autopilot. And thank goodness, because the simplest of human tasks is often far beyond the most complex robot so far constructed. Also, a huge benefit of having things run on autopilot is that we don't have to spend any of our precious consciousness to manage it. Consciousness can be left to manage more complex problems such as where to park the car or what to eat for dinner. But Zombie programs can also cause serious problems. And without some awareness of this fact, they can smoothly and effortless lead you into depression and anxiety. Using your consciousness, which is your only remedy, will not even be an option because it will not even by alerted that there is a problem going on. This subtle slide into mental health problems, driven by Zombie systems probably accounts for the majority of cases of anxiety and depression in the world today. This video explains how this happens and what you can do about it.

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