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How to rewire your brain to remove intense anxiety


I turned this podcast into a video. Rewiring your brain out of intense anxiety is about learning to have less and less anxiety each day until you literally forget to be anxious. When I work with clients on face to face CBT I know that the sessions have done their job when the client forgets to have a problem.

The same thing happens with The Anxiety Wizard Program. The progressive lessening of panic, anxiety, depression or stress over the time working on the program is very gratifying to witness.

Eventually those who have put in the effort have rewired their brain such that anxiety no longer gets produced. They have literally changed the physical structure of their brain and hence have a different life experience.

Everyone can learn. This is just a simple fact of life. So it is not that much of a leap of the imagination to accept that you can learn to leave anxiety behind. To learn more about The Anxiety Wizard Program visit my website.

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