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Does Anxiety Wizard have value?


Does Anxiety Wizard Have Value?

The question of cost and value comes up a lot on social media. How do you value something properly? Now that the Anxiety Wizard Self Help CBT program is fully live, I receive a lot of questions around, ‘what does Anxiety Wizard cost?’. I have had thought about this question, and I think a better question is:  ‘does Anxiety Wizard deliver significantly more value than the cost?’

To answer this question let me relate it to a course of face to face CBT treatment with me.

At the beginning of treatment we define the overall cluster of problems. We generally create a recovery road map, then, we break the bigger problems (anxiety, depression or something else) down into smaller chunks and work with each one individually. This is a reliable process and works really well.

It should also be said that I try to cluster problems together so that a particular tool might deal with a whole handful of problems in one go. This saves a lot...

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