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The problem of reality

the problem of reality Nov 16, 2020

The problem of reality is a ticklish one. You see, non of this may make any sense to you, or on the other hand it might seem very profound. To a great degree your reality is whatever you think it is. That's the problem, if your reality is not delivering for you on life's promises it can just seem like 'life' whereas it's actually the version of reality you are living that is the problem. Even though you won't believe it. So let's see if we can come at this a little differently. 

In this video I open up the possibility that we have more control of the version of reality we live than we may think. Of course, if you don't believe any of this you are also right!

Which brings us to the litmus test. Does your life create friction: negative energy experienced as stress, anxiety, panic, depression, OCD or any of the other myriad ways that life friction can spoil your experience. If so it might be worth learning a bit more about the version of reality you are running.

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