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Do you know your personal psychological space?


I first made this video a few years ago when I was renting an office in a building that had a small toilet for men. I observed the toilet behaviour of the men on my floor and I realized that something was odd (not me I assure you) so I did some research and I found it quite fascinating. This led me to make this video.  

The video reveals why understanding your personal psychological space is as important as knowing the boundaries of your personal physical space. Every anxiety problem and every depression problem stems, in part from a lack of understanding of the force that your personal psychological space exerts over you. When you identify your personal psychological space, which I have named The Personal Membrane' you will have taken a huge step in owning, managing and defeating its destructive power over you. Depression and anxiety are lessened when you can fully understand why they occurred in the first place. View this video and let's get on this path of discovery and...

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