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How to crack the code of good mental health.


This is a longish video but then what I am describing is so profoundly important, if you want to be rid of panic, anxiety, depression or stress, that sometimes  things just take a bit of time to explain.

If you take a moment and consider the disconnect between your experience of what you feel/believe and what external reality tells/shows you then you have seen the disconnect between internal reality and external reality first hand. 

I see this every day in my clinical practice. People say they have no 'real' reason to be anxious or depressed, and yet they are. In this video I explain how this disconnect happens and what its' implications are for you. 

I call it learning to crack the code, and there is a simple truth behind this. Learning what the code is and then learning how to crack it is so powerful and so obvious that taking back control of your mental health can even be fun.

If you can see the logic and simplicity of what I describe then you are in a position to...

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