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We are conflicted but we dream of peace


If you lost your memory would you still have a problem? No you wouldn't 

You are the sum total of your memories and of course this encompasses your experiences. But, many of your memories and experiences are ones of conflict!

Human history is really a catalogue of human conflict. Typically involving dominant men who are playing out their psychological conflicts and needs and using the rest of us as tokens in an endless game they cannot win.

Our own history is also one of conflict. Not actual physical conflict, unless the paragraph above resonates with you! No, it is a conflict between different belief systems and versions of reality. In fact, I will go so far as to say that all mental health problems are conflicts between competing internal belief systems or conflicts between different realities. 

The part of you that you call YOU, ME, I, is the victim. How does that make you feel? Like a helpless victim I would imagine, helpless, low in control and unsafe because you...

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