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Repetitive negative thoughts can damage your brain

negative thinking Jun 30, 2020

Repetitive negative thoughts are not nice things to have, but you may be forgiven for believing that was the extent of it. However, psychological things are never quite that simple. We know for instance that one of the main characteristics of depression is rumination, which is just a technical word for repetitive negative thinking. We also know that negative thinking has a role in stress and anxiety. 

Research has suggested a linkage of psychological factors, such as depression and anxiety with Alzheimer’s disease. This poses the question of how does depression and anxiety  become a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease? New research suggests it is through repetitive negative thinking, and in particular, processes of rumination — repeatedly thinking about the past — and worry, being concerned about the future.

A recent study measured 360 participants’  repetitive negative thinking, depression, anxiety, and cognitive decline levels for...

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