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Emotional power and control, the unseen force

power and control Feb 16, 2022


Emotional power and control, the unseen force. 

I cannot emphasis too strongly the importance of understanding the role power and control plays in every aspect of your life. Particularly, if things are not quite going how you want them to. 

The basic principle is very easy to grasp but hard to believe. You have all the power and control you need to manage every life eventuality. The trouble is you don't know about power and control so you give yours away automatically then blame external circumstances for not having it anymore.

Eg. My job makes me stressed.

She/he makes me so angry.

I cannot because I am anxious.

I cannot because I might panic.

I cannot because I am depressed.

These are all simple examples, we all are prone to, of giving away our power and control and then blaming something else for not feeling in control.

Watch the video for a lot more detail.

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