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It is easy to predict the future but not so easy to be correct.


It is easy to predict the future but not so easy to be correct.

The reason that it is easy to predict the future is that many things seem so obvious. For instance, the economy is going to struggle because of the combined effects of Brexit, the Pandemic and trade wars etc make this seem obvious.

That people are going to continue to be over-prescribed anti-depressants and anxiolytics seems obvious, given that the rates of prescription have doubled in 10 years.

It is harder to predict if people will start to take more responsibility for their own mental health. My special interest is in promoting Self Help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (SH-CBT) because my mission is to eradicate unnecessary mental health problems. In all honesty, I am not at all sure this will happen in my lifetime!

Some reasons this prediction is hard to make:-

  1. At school you learn history and biology etc but you learn nothing helpful about avoiding mental health problems.
  2. You have been taught that psychological...
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