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The Language Of Cure

the language of cure Oct 20, 2020

Way Back at the beginning of the 20th Century researchers were very interesting in the effects language had on the structure of reality, which for our purposes can be thought of as what we see, think and do. It became clear that language was not only a way of communicating with each other it was also a way of limiting or facilitating what we are actually able to understand about...well...everything! This eventually became known as the Whorf and Sapir hypothesis.  In it's shorthand version we might say 'you can only understand what you have language for.'

This is relevant to my Active Self Help Theory and my push to help people to help themselves because I often find that people do not have an adequate language to describe their mental health problems beyond symptoms and so are limiting what options are available to them. Recall you are limited or facilitated by language. If you are restricted to the language of symptoms without being able to go deeper into the language of...

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