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You now have the opportunity to use the complete Anxiety Wizard Course FREE for 7 days. You can look around and you can decide if you want to learn the tools of the top therapists and take control of your own mental health.

Panic and Anxiety destroy your peace and calm. Depression and stress destroy your well-being.  Panic, Anxiety, depression and stress make it hard to enjoy the time you have in your life.  

Anxiety Wizard teaches you to understand your psychological problems in the right way to solve them. With Anxiety Wizard we focus on the underlying processes that give you the everyday experience of poor mental health.

We remove things you definitely want to stop doing but don't know how to. Things like, worry, panic, anxiety, insomnia, rumination, overthinking, self criticism, self loathing and hurt, shame, self destructive thoughts and actions. And of course the practice of making life harder than it should be.

What you get with Anxiety Wizard.

Anxiety Wizard combines the powerful Panic Pit Stop app, the comprehensive Panic Pit Stop Program with new worry tools, sleep treatment tools, mindfulness tools and depression tools. This means that you now have the most powerful tool set based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in the world, at your finger tips, on your phone or tablet; home computer or any device connected to the web.   

Start The Anxiety Wizard online course for 7 days completely free. This is a great way to see what Anxiety Wizard can do for you. Simply cancel within 7 days and you pay nothing.

If you have found that panic, worry and anxiety continue to cause you problems in your life then perhaps now is the time to use the Anxiety Wizard system and see what you can achieve with some guidance and a little effort on your part.

Maybe you're intrigued to see how far you can go towards getting panic, worry and anxiety completely out of your life. If so then this is a great no cost way to see for yourself.

Anxiety Wizard is organised into modules delivered weekly. In addition there are also 'always available' min-modules that you can use when you want to, if you have a spare moment or a specific question or problem. These include modules: on:-

How to sleep better:

How to be actively mindful in your life;

How to stop worrying:

How to challenge and change depressing thoughts.

How Anxiety Wizard works:-

Anxiety Wizard gives you tools to empower you to change how you think, feel and act. It helps you develop a mindset that is both resourceful and engaged with the challenge of having a better experience.

This is true.

In your life there have been times when you have felt better and times when you have felt worse. Your experience often changes. It is unlikely that you feel you have much control over what causes this change and how it happens. 

If you can recognize this, surely one aim has to be to gain control over that change so that you to feel better more and more often until mental health problems become a distant memory. Don't you agree? 

Anxiety Wizard guides you to take control over your life journey. It does this by teaching you the tools the master therapists use to help you feel great.

You have to contribute at least 10 minutes per day to this task. The secret of life change is to develop a consistent interest and habit in making things better.

The 7 Day FREE trial gives you the chance to see how the journey to good mental health feels. If you don't like it then unsubscribe and that's the end of it. If you do like it then Anxiety Wizard will cost you less than £10 per week of membership.

After the FREE TRIAL period of 7 days has ended and if you remain registered then you will be charged the fee of £39.99 monthly for as long as you remain registered. You can cancel at any time so you are completely in charge of how long you use Anxiety Wizard.

Set your face against panic, worry and anxiety and set about making the changes that will give you a totally different life experience.

Imagine being free of worry

Imagine being free of anxiety

Imagine what life will feel like when you feel safe, competent, in control and calm.  

Imagine how it will feel to sleep well and feel rested.

Take advantage of this free offer and with it the start of your journey out of Panic, Worry and Anxiety.


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