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The real Matrix and what it makes you do.

the real matrix Oct 10, 2018

If you take a moment and consider the disconnect between your experience of what you feel/believe and what external reality tells/shows you then you have seen the power of the real matrix first hand. 

I see this every day in my clinical practice. People say they have no 'real' reason to be anxious or depressed, and yet they are. In this video I explain how this disconnect happens and what its' implications are for you. 


 If you can see the logic and simplicity of what I describe then you are in a position to make a choice. Free your mind from the shackles of strong and wrong negative beliefs. And move forward to now! Or don't!

I have created a new fantastically comprehensive CBT Treatment Program set up. Please check it out below if you are interested in feeling a lot better for Christmas.

The Dr Purves Program Program Bundle

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Take a bite back at anxiety


Reflections from a quiet morning on a lake in Canada. Three insights that I feel sure you will find helpful.

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Anxiety: A case of mistaken identity

anxiety Jul 03, 2018

Maybe, just maybe you are giving anxiety too much room in your life, because you believe what anxiety tells you. If so then this very short video (by my standards) may help you re-calibrate your view on how you treat anxiety. 

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Stop worrying and start living

life change Jun 27, 2018

This simple fact tells you I am right.

Everyday people who suffer with anxiety, panic, stress and depression get professional help and over time get better. The recovery rate for these problems is excellent. In my private practice, it is almost guaranteed that if you go through treatment you will feel a whole lot better. 

Let me share the big secret with you. It is not the fact of being in therapy that is crucial. It is the combination of taking action and doing the right things.  You can take action and do the right things without paying a lot of money for a private therapist. I have taken some of the tools I use in therapy and turned them into a short video course. All you have to do is take action now, and follow the video course and you will feel a whole lot better. Click below and see that I am right.

How to stop worrying and start living




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What have you lost?

blog what have you lost? Jun 15, 2018

This video contains three thoughts. 

1. What have your psychological problems cost you?

2. You have to be on a journey to go somewhere!

3. The Panic Pit Stop Program bundle gives you the map, has the journey planned and is proven to get you to where you need to go.

The Mood Control Program (Module 1) is now open as a bespoke treatment strategy for depression and anxiety). And is included at no extra cost in the bundle. 

The price of membership goes up at 2.00pm on Saturday 16th June. 


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How to breath

blog how to breath May 17, 2018

This is a refresher of the 4 - 2 - 6 breathing method in Panic Pit Stop.

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How long it takes to recover from anxiety, panic and depression

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2018

It can be oh so easy to become engulfed in negative unpleasant symptoms of depression and anxiety. And it can be oh so easy to look for a quick and easy solution. So I looked into the science of how long it takes to recover from anxiety and depression. 

It is not a huge amount of time, really, especially given how long you might suffer and just 'suck it up'. It is just a bit of time and commitment over a few months. That's all and that will do it.

Take a look at the video and get the facts.

By the way, the gates are closing on Panic Pit Stop for the site restructuring. If you want to get on a meaningful life change journey then you will need to join before the end of April otherwise you won't get in. And when it opens up again alongside the New Mood Control it will cost more, because there will be so much more in it.

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Big news and big opportunity Dr Purves

Big News from Dr Purves

The Panic Pit Stop Gates Are Closing soon.

But this brings a fantastic opportunity for you.

As you may know, Panic Pit Stop is an extended CBT program to help you to overcome panic and anxiety. The very front end of the Program is the Panic Pit Stop App that is entirely free. The deeper and more intense treatment journey is found in the Panic Pit Stop Program.

The Panic Pit Stop Program works really well and many people with panic and anxiety problems find great benefit from it.

However, in my clinic, I see that anxiety and depression almost always go together.

For that reason I want to offer a tried and tested depression treatment based on Active Self Help and cognitive behaviour Therapy as well as the existing, Panic Pit Stop, panic and anxiety treatment.

To achieve this I am re-making the popular Mood Control Program. I am re-shooting the videos and the audios. I am freshening up the connection to Psychological Science.  I am adding in bespoke sleep...

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