If you want it to die don't give it mouth to mouth resuscitation


All intrusive thoughts, memories or sensations have one thing is common.


Sorry, I know it seems strange but it is true. The converse is also true.


 What this translates to is this: You are giving mouth to mouth resuscitation to things you actually want to die. You are feeding things that seriously detracting from your mental health. I do know that your experience is likely to be 'I am not doing it, it just happens'. And of course that is how it feels because you have fed these destructive processes for quite a long time. 

The alternative is this:- I was talking to a man today who has been using Anxiety Wizard for 8 weeks. He related all of the improvements in his life but the one most pertinent here is that he said he went for long periods of time where he forgot to be anxious. He even noted that he had days where anxiety was partially of completely forgotten and only when he remembered he had forgotten to be anxious did it return at all. 

His new and much improved experience is because for 8 weeks he had been challenging the anxiety process and starving it of the food of attention. When you starve the anxiety thoughts they die. It is simple to say, a bit harder to do but definitely do-able.

But then I do wonder...what is more valuable to you than your mental health? Without mental wellness many things become pale versions of what they might be. If you want to forget to be anxious then join Anxiety Wizard Today.

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