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The problem of reality

the problem of reality Nov 16, 2020

The problem of reality is a ticklish one. You see, non of this may make any sense to you, or on the other hand it might seem very profound. To a great degree your reality is whatever you think it is. That's the problem, if your reality is not delivering for you on life's promises it can just seem like 'life' whereas it's actually the version of reality you are living that is the problem. Even though you won't believe it. So let's see if we can come at this a little differently. 

In this video I open up the possibility that we have more control of the version of reality we live than we may think. Of course, if you don't believe any of this you are also right!

Which brings us to the litmus test. Does your life create friction: negative energy experienced as stress, anxiety, panic, depression, OCD or any of the other myriad ways that life friction can spoil your experience. If so it might be worth learning a bit more about the version of reality you are running.

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Do the dance of fear or refuse to participate

the dance of fear Nov 05, 2020

A lovely client of mine really hit the nail on the head when he said, for years he had been choreographing the dance of fear. He had laid the groundwork, he had put effort into it and practiced it day after day until he was really good at it. Result he was successfully anxious. I said don't go on the dance floor and certainly don't practice something you don't want to be good at. If this sounds like good advice give it a like.

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ACT Natural Podcast listen as we discuss the fine detail of wellness.

podcast Nov 01, 2020

I was recently a guest on the ACT Natural Podcast. We talked about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, some of the conceptual ideas at the heart of therapy and why mental health problems are often just a magnification of natural human brain processes. We had a lively conversation that naturally turned to simple and effective ways that people can use Active Self Help to make significant life improvements. If you have an interest in taking back control of your mental health be sure to listen in. 

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The Event Horizon of Depression

the event horizon Oct 24, 2020


I was talking with a lovely client who helped me develop this image of an event horizon, which is a place neither fully in nor fully out of depression. It is a place of choice and possibilities. We are not free, of course, the beliefs we have about depression actually limit what we can see, think and feel. Nevertheless, we still have some choice left to us and we can use this choice to decide to continue into the black hole of depression or move away from it. Empowerment is using what you have to do what you can.

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The Language Of Cure

the language of cure Oct 20, 2020

Way Back at the beginning of the 20th Century researchers were very interesting in the effects language had on the structure of reality, which for our purposes can be thought of as what we see, think and do. It became clear that language was not only a way of communicating with each other it was also a way of limiting or facilitating what we are actually able to understand about...well...everything! This eventually became known as the Whorf and Sapir hypothesis.  In it's shorthand version we might say 'you can only understand what you have language for.'

This is relevant to my Active Self Help Theory and my push to help people to help themselves because I often find that people do not have an adequate language to describe their mental health problems beyond symptoms and so are limiting what options are available to them. Recall you are limited or facilitated by language. If you are restricted to the language of symptoms without being able to go deeper into the language of...

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Julia Kristina and Dr David Purves talk about achieving mental wellness

Uncategorized Oct 15, 2020

Julia Kristina is a You Tube sensation, with over 197,000 subscribers and tens of millions of views. She agreed to talk with me about the her experience of helping people with mental health problems to change their mindset and move towards more thinking about mental wellness instead. I found her a fascinating and  entertaining guest. Watch the interview here.

To learn more about Julia Kristina visit her website: 

Or, simply search for her on You Tube.

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The Alternative To The Problem Is The Solution


Problems exist and persist in the absence of an alternative to that problem. The alternative has to be specific and directly relevant. In the absence of this specific alternative there is no way the problem can go away, because it is not being challenged to go away. This video explains more.


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The Black Box of Mental Health


The Black Box of Mental Health

Why it’s hard to get help and why you are not helped…much with mental health problems.

Mental health problems are like the black box in an aeroplane, we all know it exists, but we have no idea what’s in it or exactly how it works. We know anxiety exists, as does depression, but what are they really? We know the labels for things but not what the labels signify. This presents us with a problem because, without adequate language to explain and to understand a problem, it is very hard to know how to resolve it.

I was interviewed on BBC radio yesterday about emotional burnout, which seems to me to be simply a different name for chronic stress. Nevertheless, the presenter’s questions were focused on what can be done to combat emotional burnout, as if the assumption of its existence was ‘given as read’. There seems to be little interest in the fact that mental health issues are ubiquitous, in all developed...

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How to manage Covid stress


As if the Covid-19 pandemic was not bad enough two studies published this week reveal that anxiety in the UK has reached an all time high and that Covid-19 related anxiety, stress and depression has also has also reached an all time high.

If you follow my work,  you will be aware that my passion is to create self help based solutions to problems like panic, anxiety, depression and stress. The video in this blog post  will explain more about how to manage Covid Stress

Prof Nick Freemantle published research this week that revealed a dramatic 'explosion' in anxiety in the UK. Researchers are usually measured in their language but he described it as a 'profound increase in anxiety' caused by a number of circumstances but staring with the financial crash in 2008 and continuing through to the Covid threat.

His study examined the data from 6.6 million NHS patients. I will give you one example from the data that I find startling. In 2008 8.42% of women aged 18-24 suffered...

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What are you willing to pay for a year of good health?

What would you pay for a year of good health?

This is an interesting question because the government of most countries do actually place a monetary value on health and, to them, the cost of treatment.  We have all heard stories of this or that drug which seems life-saving, but sadly, is too expensive and so the individual has to go without it. This is national news. But these decisions are happening all the time. I was researching this more deeply and I came across a recent Australian research paper that puts a figure on how much an individual is willing to pay for a year of good health.

Based on data from 28,347 people in Australia a person is willing to pay for a Quality Adjusted life year (QUALY) (a year of good health) from between £23,000 and £37,000 (I have done the currency conversion from Australian dollars.

Also, an individual is prepared to pay £1112 for not having a long-term condition, almost like a health tax!

What fascinates me about this is how...

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