How can I trust you?

blog Oct 25, 2021

When I have an awareness campaign running on Facebook, I often read the comment 'why is Anxiety Wizard not free?' I was puzzled by this for a long time. Anxiety Wizard took two years and about 600 hours to build. Why would someone expect it to be free? If it was a published book no one would expect it to be free. Then I realized that it was probably not the question. Maybe it is a bit like 'How are you'? Not a question, really more a greeting. No one really expects a true answer. 

I wondered if the real question was; how can I trust this will help me? How can I trust he knows what he is talking about? How can I trust myself to get the most out of it? How can I trust I will use it? Can a mental health problem really be solved without a therapist of a medication? Doubt and uncertainty coalesce into inaction. Which means that nothing gets done, changed, engaged with. There is no progress. The sad thing is that doubt and uncertainty are likely to be elements of the problems you struggle with. Certainly any anxiety based or related problem has copious amounts of doubt and uncertainty going around. So not only does anxiety fill you with doubt and uncertainty it also insulates you from doing the very things that remove doubt and uncertainty. 

The only viable way forward, and the one I promote is that you have to engage with the process of getting better yourself. Don't sit on a waiting list, complaining or feeling neglected. Do something active find what works for you and stick with it. Be the person who is actively solving the problem. Don't outsource your treatment, mental wellbeing and future to others because I promise you that it means more to you than it does to anyone else.

At the very least start with the free period in Anxiety Wizard. You have 7 days to explore the system and see if it starts to change things for you.

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