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Why...Insights From The Clinic #7


I have realized that a good question is really important if we want to solve important problems. The most simple question is WHY. How often do we accept 'what is' rather than question it or ask why it is that way. When you struggle with anxiety, panic, depression and stress, you rarely ask why and you certainly don't ask why not. We seem to have become used to sitting in distress rather than asking constructive questions to help us find our way out.

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Self Sabotage with the bad feelings generator

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2018

The bad feelings generator

Self sabotage with the bad feelings generator exposes one powerful internal source of bad feelings. And it also shows you why you may worry and stress yourself when there isn't anything in particular to worry about. The bad feelings generator constantly creates bad feelings through a process of manufacturing comparisons between what you feel you should be like and what you really are like. This is the ultimate self sabotage because it is always vague and hard to pin down and it never ends.Watch this video and I will reveal what you can do to stop this form of self sabotage.

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How to recover from depression

Let me show you can achieve and what is possible when you are shown exactly what to do. The people who used my program were English NHS patients referred by their GP because of depression and anxiety. 

This video relates to my earliest program but the principles that make it effective are in all of my programs. 

This is a conference talk and so perhaps the video is not of the highest quality but I would urge you to look past that at the profound implications of what I am sharing.


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Can you describe your emotions?

 Alexithymia is a form of neglect that is specifically directed at emotions and their meaning. The problem this causes is that it is harder to read other people's emotions and it is harder to know what you feel about something; in essense if this trait causes a problem it can be very confusing trying to understand what is happening. Your brain will tell you that you have a physical problem while your hidden emotions cause all sorts of physical issues.


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Find the space between you and your experience


Be sure to download the new Panic Pit Stop App. It has some great toos that help you to find the space! This gets you more control over panic, worry and anxiety.

Download the Panic Pit Stop App here


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The Panic Pit Stop App

The comprehensive, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) treatment for panic and anxiety.

The Panic Pit Stop App is now out on the Apple App Store and on the Google Play Store. Download the app and get started on your journey out of Panic, Worry and anxiety.

To download it and get started go here for the Apple App Store

Download from the Apple App Store Now



Download and get started on your android device


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The Chaos Train

An article by Eliza Burdon.

I had a client recently (Eliza) who started to talk about the experience of panic as a seemingly uncontrollable journey. I liked that idea very much and we started to call it The Chaos Train. I asked her to write an article about it as it seemed such a useful idea.

The train stops at stations on its journey to the hub. Along the way it picks up passengers and freight, (burdens to take to the hub) as each hub is reached the burdens are delivered and the result of them expressed. In the case of this particular Chaos Train they are panic, anxiety and sadness.

I think the fascinating insight Eliza had was that it all felt really chaotic and out of control. Of course it feels like that because it is panic but it is not as chaotic as it feels. The train has to stop at the stations on the way to the hub and pick up burdens otherwise there is nothing to take to the hub and nothing to be expressed. By making choices and deliberately not stopping at the stations on...

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What is Anxiety?

what is anxiety? Dec 11, 2015

In this video Dr David Purves explains why anxiety is a terrible force that destroys your happiness. It puts an edge of fear on every experience and it never seems to be satisfied. Living with anxiety is like always wanting to look over your shoulder; just in case. No evidence ever seems enough to satisfy the urge to be sure. The thinking part of anxiety is worry. But your whole body is also affected that is why it is hard to settle down and relax. The best friend of anxiety is depression. These almost always go together. Not feeling safe with few obvious options to resolve it is depressing. Being unable to feel safe and secure as you go through life can spoil everything. In my professional life I treat anxiety and its best friend depression every day. I know that virtually everyone who suffers from these twins of misery has had to do certain things to create their problems in the first place. I have called these The Five Doors to Anxiety. You must have passed through at least one...

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