The Wrong Emotion At The Wrong Time

Uncategorized Dec 29, 2021

All mental health problems arise from experiencing the wrong emotion at the wrong time. This is not to blame emotions, they are fundamental to every aspect of your life. But the wrong emotion in any circumstance is going to give you the wrong reaction. For example, laying in bed and experiencing the extreme fear reaction of panic. Having a lovely holiday with your family and experiencing sadness. Walking to work and feeling anxiety, or going for a night out and feeling shame. These are all legitimate emotions but they are wrong in the context. The emotion tells you how to feel but it is the wrong feeling for the context. If you want to rectify this and feel more of the right emotions in the right circumstances then we need to work to retrain your brain. Basically this means teaching your brain that it is getting things wrong and showing it what the right emotions is in any particular setting.

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