Are you a prisoner of fear?


If this pandemic has taught us one thing it is that some things we took for normal were not necessarily always that great. I know that many people are struggling right now but there is an emerging tension between what we did and what we can do.

For many years I used to commute to London. It was expensive, tiring and now for many people unnecessary, certainly to the degree previously done. The social element is a big miss, but the work itself still gets done.

How many millions of miles were travelled to have face to face meetings with people? It turns out Zoom is pretty good. The meetings are more focused now, at least.

I have not conducted therapy sessions in my office since March and it seems to be working pretty well. Clients still recover and get on with their lives. 

Maybe as we shake things up and arrive at the 'new normal' we might consider also leaving the prison of fear as well.

Fear is the emotion that drives all anxiety problems: panic, GAD, OCD, worry, phobia, social anxiety, etc. Non of these problems are necessary for life! Indeed they detract from the quality of life.

The really sad thing is that the prison is not locked. Simply push at the door and it will open. It is not a physical prison it is a psychological prison we create for ourselves. If you want to escape Anxiety Wizard will show you how. 

Escape the prison of fear with Anxiety Wizard. Start today it is FREE. 

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