Wild Psychology: Three reasons mental health problems are confusing.

wild psychology Dec 22, 2020

I am out and about in the guise of Wild Psychology and reflecting on three of the most troubling aspects of problematic mental health. The first one is that depression and anxiety are confusing to understand when you are inside of them looking out. This is because you feel you need to understand the many spurious elements of your life that probably have no bearing on depression or anxiety but seem important to you. This probably feels like eating a very confusing soup that never seems to come to an end. The second confusing aspect is not at all your fault. It is that you were never taught the vocabulary of psychological process. Yes, you learn history and math at school but nothing useful about the psychology of being human. So, you are probably not equipped with the tools to name, understand and deal with depression or anxiety. Finally, you probably get hooked on symptoms and never delve deeper into what actually causes them. Psychological symptoms are unimportant. They are meaningless. They only get meaning when you give it to them. When you give meaning to them they seem meaningful so you give them even more attention. But, symptoms are only outcomes of a process you are running. You MUST deal with the process and when you do that the symptoms disappear. They take care of themselves and evaporate because they are no longer being created by the processes running in your brain. I know this may sound simple and even obvious but I promise you, take this on board and you will be able to get on top of almost any mental health problem with a little time and effort. To learn how to do this visit www.drpurves.online and join The Anxiety Wizard Self Help CBT program.

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