The thing that no one else will tell you

Uncategorized May 09, 2020


The thing that no one says is this:- No one needs to be anxious!

Anxiety is completely unnecessary. No one needs to suffer from anxiety. Likewise panic, depression and stress are also unnecessary.

I do appreciate that you are where you are and it may not seem that helpful for me to say this to you. But, I am stating this fact because I want you to take action and remove the terrible burdens of anxiety, panic, depression from your life.

There are 3 powerful forces that keep anxiety in place.

1. The belief that somehow your anxiety is legitimate, valid or destined to be yours. 

2. The habit of years of practice, learning how to be anxious and developing a set of personal tools that create and maintain your anxiety. 

3. The lack of an alternative set of tools to reduce and ultimately eliminate anxiety. 

That's it really.

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