Women get the short straw in depression again

2 weeks for £1 Jan 04, 2019

The Guardian newspaper today published an article showing that:-

Girls’ much-higher rate of depression than boys is closely linked to the greater time they spend on social media, and online bullying and poor sleep are the main culprits for their low mood, new research reveals.

As many as three-quarters of 14-year-old girls who suffer from depression also have low self-esteem, are unhappy with how they look and sleep for seven hours or less each night, the study found.



This is not a surprise to me. The research has always shown that women have much higher levels of depression than men. There has never been a definitive explanation as to why this is, but it existed before social media was in our lives and it will probably persist. It is made news by the inclusion of the correlation with social media use. What is of more interest to me and what ought to be of more interest to you, is what to do about it. If you find yourself to be one of those who suffer from depression and you have had it for more than a couple of months then I suggest you take come control over this and deal with it. Depression is not inevitable, it is not intractable, it can be cured, it does not require an antidepressant to feel better. You do not need to languish on a waiting list for months. You do not need to see your GP to be told there is little they can do. In short you can take control and get past depression. You can crack the code of depression and be well again. The solution I have found that works really well is to use the online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program (CBT) called Mood Control. It gives you everything you need to be free of depression. You work at your own pace on your own device, wherever you are. You do a bit every day and you apply the tools. You find that each day you chip away a little more at the toxic thought processes that bring your mood down. You learn to control your mood much more effectively and you learn that you are stronger and more resilient than you may of realized. The fact that women suffer from depression more than men is not really news. The fact that you can cure yourself from depression by using Mood Control probably is. The best bit...once you have learnt to crack the code of depression, made the tools your own and spent the time every day putting one foot in front of another you will find that to recognize depression for what it is. You no longer believe the toxic thoughts and you look forward to a life you create for yourself, not one that you buy into with little to look forward to and less joy and love. The Mood Control program is bundled inside The Panic Pit Stop Program Bundle, including other CBT programs that treat panic, anxiety, stress, low self esteem and teach mindfulness. This is because depression and anxiety generally live together as dysfunctional twins and a solid treatment deals with them both. Right now you can get access to the entire bundle for only £1 for the first 2 weeks. I am sure you will agree this gives you ample time to start to work on yourself and start to feel the results. Follow this link to get started.

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