The power of practice for getting rid of depression and anxiety

I know it seems like a curious thing to say but nevertheless here it is. Each day you live you are practicing the process of living as you lived yesterday. Yesterday is a blueprint or a pattern for the next day, and so on. It seems very unlikely that tomorrow will be so drastically different from today that you go WOW…I didn’t see that coming. When that does happen it’s either because of a holiday or some other (maybe) planned experience or it’s because of an accident. Which by definition you didn’t see coming.

So each day is a practice run for tomorrow.  Here is the million-dollar question. Is today how you want it to be? If so brilliant; tomorrow will also, more than likely, be how you want it to be. If, however your today is not how you want it to be then you have only two options. The first is to simply accept this and make the best of it. Which I have to say is what most people seem to do. The other option is to change your day, today, and so make your tomorrow that little bit different. And here is the cream on the coffee. That little bit different in a good way.

Once you grasp this concept you have taken more control over your destiny than many do. But more than that you have accepted that you have agency and even the ability to create and craft your future to look different from your past. This is the creativity that makes change happen.

Obviously I am talking about changing mental health problems by working on them today so that they are changed, different and less troubling tomorrow. But the other thing I am advocating is that you take control over your mental health problems and decide to eradicate them. Decide to do something useful to be able to have more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want. But remember whatever you have today is the result of the practice, time and effort you put into it yesterday. I find this a really empowering way of looking at things. The cherry on top is that it is obviously true!

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