Facebook Live event on Chronic health and mental health problems

recovery roadmap Nov 20, 2018

Have you ever seen a mind map? I usually create one for my clients during the assessment session for CBT. I call it a Recovery Roadmap. The principle I use with clients is that we look for processes that cause problems. So an example I use is this: Anxiety is the problem you might struggle with but anxiety is not the problem…it’s a consequence of the problem. Something causes your anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t just spring out of nowhere, right? It has to be caused by something else.

Depression is a consequence. Something causes your depression. You experience the depression as your ongoing daily experience but you’re actually experiencing the consequences caused by something else. It’s the something else that we need to deal with.

It’s the causes that need to be stopped. They need to be stopped from creating the consequences you struggle with. This is what I specialize in and this is what all therapy needs to do to have any impact on your life. I generally use the Panic Pit Stop and Mood Control programs as a way for you to train yourself in seeing these processes and then having the tools to change them. However, I am going to do some online coaching that will help you create your own recovery roadmap.

I am doing a Facebook Live event on Friday 23rd of November at 3.00pm on the drpurves.online Facebook page in which I will be looking at the processes behind chronic health problems including chronic mental health problems.

I invite you to create your own mind map as a starting place and then when you have it you can use the FB live as a way of identifying and adding some other processes you may not have thought of. Take a picture of your mind map and post it in the group as a way of sharing and seeing what others have done. Without question you will see what someone else has put and you will say ‘Oh I do that to’ and add it to your own mind map (recovery roadmap).

Without a map you may well be lost. With a map you are no longer lost, you may not be where you want to be but you’re not lost anymore. There is no right and there is no wrong. It will only be more or less complete and more or less useful.

Remember we are interested in those processes that cause your problems and moreover cause them fresh every day.

This is powerful stuff. You will never have seen this process applied to your own psychological problems (I haven't seen in anyway) because I pioneered this with the help of hundreds of clients over the years. 

Things you might consider are:

Self critical

Negative self talk

Low self esteem…not valuing yourself

Loss of connection with people, places, activity

Loss of emotional control.

Anyway, I have taken a video out of the Mood Control Program and posted it here as a way of explaining what we need to be looking at. You are not the problem but you have a problem and these back ground processes are the problems you have.

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