Big news and big opportunity Dr Purves

Big News from Dr Purves

The Panic Pit Stop Gates Are Closing soon.

But this brings a fantastic opportunity for you.

As you may know, Panic Pit Stop is an extended CBT program to help you to overcome panic and anxiety. The very front end of the Program is the Panic Pit Stop App that is entirely free. The deeper and more intense treatment journey is found in the Panic Pit Stop Program.

The Panic Pit Stop Program works really well and many people with panic and anxiety problems find great benefit from it.

However, in my clinic, I see that anxiety and depression almost always go together.

For that reason I want to offer a tried and tested depression treatment based on Active Self Help and cognitive behaviour Therapy as well as the existing, Panic Pit Stop, panic and anxiety treatment.

To achieve this I am re-making the popular Mood Control Program. I am re-shooting the videos and the audios. I am freshening up the connection to Psychological Science.  I am adding in bespoke sleep treatments, I am adding in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and also Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). And I am committing to offering this to those who want to change their life for the better.

If you are using The Panic Pit Stop Program already you don’t need to do anything more. So long as you remain a member then Panic Pit Stop will still be available to you throughout the closure.

Furthermore you will have huge extra value added to your membership. In addition to your:

The Panic Pit Stop Program

 You will also benefit from, have access to and be able to use:

The New Mood Control cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) treatment for depression.

When completed the Mood Control Program gives up to 13 weeks of bespoke, focused, powerful CBT that changes how you think, how you feel and what you do. It gives you back control over your mood and shows you how to live a happy and productive life, free of depression. (Mood control will be rebuilt at the rate of one substantial module per month).

The New Mindfulness Journey, to help you be mindful and aware every day.

Real emotional control comes from recognizing and being able to take and make choices that enhance your life. If you are not aware of the power of mindfulness in your everyday life then you are much more at the mercy of life than you are in control of it.

The Office Hours Video Library

If you have a question then ask it in the Panic Pit Stop Support group on Face Book then every week Dr Purves creates videos that answers those questions. This library builds into a comprehensive knowledge base you can access at any time.

The Insights From The Clinic Video Library

If you want to know how your brain works and how your mind ticks this video library is for you. The brain runs programs that give outcomes. These outcomes can be bad or good depending upon the program. It can be as simple as that. If you know what the programs are then you are in a position to make changes as necessary and adjust the quality of your life. If you are unaware and simply a victim of some unhelpful programs then you will experience the outcomes (depression, anxiety, worry, panic, stress, OCD) but not even understand what is going on!

 Your videos are fantastic. While I am receiving great benefits for myself from your materials, I subscribed to this course to help my 21 year old son who has been stuck in a terrible depression for 2 years.”

If you are serious about having a better life experience, without anxiety, panic or depression then NOW is the time to join us. Simple join the Panic Pit Stop Program before the end of April and your membership will automatically transfer to the new when that opens and all of the new resources will be there for you.

The benefits of the full package of CBT for anxiety, panic and depression means that you will be working on:

Feeling safe once again;

Learning to manage, delete and be free of worry, forever;

Regaining emotional control;

Removing negative thinking styles;

Restructuring unhelpful and unwanted memories;

Acquiring the tools of emotional freedom technique; 

Modifying unhelpful attentional processes;

Increasing your confidence;

Increasing your self-esteem;

Teaching you to tolerate uncertainty;

Teaching you a positive mindful way to live;

Showing you how to recognize and challenge the negative belief programs you are running in your brain;

And so much more.

If things are not working out for you but still you keep doing the same things over and over, it’s generally because you don’t know what you need to change.

“I never really thought about it the way you discuss it. I have always strived for a goal, in whatever it was that I did. So it was the same with anxiety and depression, and trying to regain control of my sleep. After going through your Mood Control I realized I was doing everything backwards and just making it worse. Thank you so much Dr David.”

Your beliefs are the program your brain runs. If your beliefs are wrong then you will not have a good life experience.

  Everything I have described for less than the price of half a cup of coffee per day.


When the new site opens up it will naturally cost more. There will be so many more benefits for you and so many more tools and resources for you to use.

If you join now through The Panic Pit Stop Program then your monthly fee will never rise. For as long as you remain a member in good standing your monthly fee is locked in for you. You will get everything promised above for no additional cost to you. That is the best opportunity you might ever have to change your life for the better and save money while you do it.

Right now with a modest investment in your life, you can get onto the Journey to a better experience.

Take a step towards a better future and join The Panic Pit Stop Program now

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