A walk through of Anxiety Wizard with Dr Purves

anxiety wizard May 02, 2020

Dr Purves gives you a walk through of The Anxiety Wizard Program.

If  you can recognise things like worry, catastrophising, being self critical, being overly concerned about physical symptoms, negative thinking, feeling like you have lost emotional control or just trying to avoid so much that life is becoming too restricted. Then your brain is creating anxiety and probably depression. That's why you might be seeking reassurance a lot of the time.

If you do nothing then nothing will change. If you work through Anxiety Wizard so much will change that you will kick yourself that you tolerated panic, anxiety, depression or stress for as long as you did.

Over this weekend we are running the May Bank Holiday Offer. Join Anxiety Wizard Program and get the Stop Overthinking course FREE.  

I hope you watched the Facebook Live last Thursday where I said that anxiety was totally unnecessary. This is absolutely true. But now is your chance to make it a reality for you.


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