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Active Self Help CBT  teaches you to eliminate panic and anxiety from your life.


Active Self Help With Anxiety Wizard

Anxiety Wizard is the complete Self Help Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Program. It Delivers all the tools and techniques you need to transform your own emotional experience.

CBT is the most powerful and reliable treatment for all psychological problems, things like, panic, anxiety, depression and stress. Now Dr Purves has created a Self Help Version of CBT that you can use at home or where ever you are, on any device, at any time. You have full and immediate access to the full program. 

Dr Purves has treated over 800 patients face to face in his clinic. He has turned his vast clinical experience into a set of tools that 'just make perfect sense'. His approach is not complicated nor is it difficult to understand and use, But then the best things never are. It is quite simply your treatment path to a better life.

Become your own therapist...then you don't need a therapist. Learn how to do this and you are genuinely free from the burden of poor mental health. 

Start Now With Anxiety Wizard And Get On The Journey to Great Mental Health

The Stepping Stones to Good Mental Health Podcast

This podcast offers a series of short yet fundamental steps you will need to take if you want to journey towards good mental health. Bite-sized and conversational in tone this series of podcasts gives you easy and free access to the concepts of Active Self Help.


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The Power Hour

Sometimes it only takes a bit of focused time to put you on the right track. Many problems can be clarified or even solved with a focused hour of collaborative attention. Join Dr Purves for a focused Power Hour devoted to helping you to move forward. To know more click on the image or the button below. Don't be afraid. You will be helped. 

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"Thank you, David. I love the logic and strategic approach to your program. "If you were under real threat you'd be defending your life - you'd be running away." So logical! No other psychologist (or psychiatrist) I've seen over the years, has defined the thinking patterns and behaviours like you have! Having watched the videos on the Panic Pit Stop, I could now clearly (for the first time in decades) identify my problem as being anxiety. I'm surprised that what research has shown so far, that the ER medics don't diagnose a panic/attack when all the vital organs and blood work check out normal. I am so relieved that you are showing me how to take the next steps. "

A successful journey taken
Lynne Watts

" Over many years, I’ve consulted mental health professionals who diagnosed me with suffering from depression. I was always on edge and fearful, but I didn’t know I had anxiety as well till it manifested itself in the form of a series of panic attacks in 2016, landing me in hospital a few times. After being checked out by specialists and given the clear, the Panic Pit Stop App came to my attention. I had been familiar with Dr. Purves’ previous Mood Control series through his You Tube videos. I was particularly excited about the app which then led me to go more in-depth with the Panic Pit Stop Course. Up till then, I had managed as best I could to cope on my own because seeing a psychologist on a long-term basis was beyond my financial reach. The Panic Pit Stop Course, incredibly affordable, by the way, came to my rescue. After I signed up, I received a new module each week building on the previous week’s coursework, via email that included a video and/or audio, plus worksheets to download and print. Within a week of diligently doing the worksheets, I already began to feel more assured as the information I applied slowly began to unravel my faulty thought patterns. Note in my first sentence I said “suffering from depression.” But learning how the brain works in that depression and anxiety are outcomes from a faulty thinking process, it gave me great hope that I could stop the process and change the outcome. I could do something about my suffering. The most mind-empowering information I gleaned from the course was that “You are safer than you think you are, and you are stronger than you think you are.” Within three months, I learned to master control over anxiety and depression and haven’t had another panic attack since. It does take commitment and lots of practice and repetition to do the course, but the results are so worth it. I would highly recommend the Panic Pit Stop Course to anyone suffering from anxiety, panic and depression."


" Hello, Dr. Purves! I am really enjoying and learning so much from your Panic Pit Stop program...much more than I have ever learned in the past three years from my two previous counsellors. Neither of them have come close to teaching what I have learned from your program - sad to say, in the three years I was going to see these therapists (one being an actual psychologist) not one of them ever took the time to teach me, talk with me about (at any length) any of the information that you have imparted! In fact, I was telling my husband that I now look back at all of that time spent and it seems to me that all they wanted to do was just sit and listen to me talk, while helpful, no one ever gave me any constructive framework in which to truly get better - to get well. Your course is proving to be the missing piece. Thank you. Lastly, thank you for your time and thank you for providing the help so many of us out here need! Marion. "

A changed life

"Thank you Dr. Purves. By learning to respect myself, believing in my ability and trusting myself it became possible for me to expect others in my life to respect and value. I spent decades in and out of psychoanalysis talking about my childhood trauma and its devastating impact on my adult life. All it did was send me deeper and deeper into an abyss of depression, anxiety, panic and self doubt. Your approach to shift the focus from a childhood and past that I can not change to the present which I can, and have the tools, to change was the turning point. Reckoning that I can't change the past helped me to accept and let go of it, freeing my energy to think about the present and how I can make it better. "

Better self esteem

"Hi Dr Purves. Your course is amazing. I am so much better and I haven’t got to the end yet. Thank you."


"In the relatively short time I've been using Anxiety Wizard, I have definitely made impressive progress in terms of recovery. I've come from being incredibly anxious and depressed, to having extended periods of time whereby I'd almost forgotten about what had plagued me for many years. As recovery from these conditions isn't linear, there have been a few times whereby I thought I was going back to square one, but of course this is never the case. So if you're just starting out on your journey to mental wellbeing, or if you're already benefitting from the programme, I'd encourage you to keep on track and reap the rewards. One last thing, learn to ignore your inner critic as it's not your best friend"

Job Title

"Anxiety Wizard cleared up the "mystery" of my anxiety, and for the first time in years, I'm living outside of my comfort zone and without all the restrictions I placed on myself. The liberation I feel still makes me giddy ! After finishing each module of the course I'd always have a clearer grasp on why I'm anxious, and what's really going on with me; The course takes the unknown out of anxiety, and gives you a thorough understanding of the issue, it's components and it's solutions. The course tells you how you got here, why you have anxiety, and how to get rid of it. Unlike most other courses, it doesn't seek to manage anxiety disorders but to eliminate them entirely from your life, and it guides you step by step in doing that. The material touches on many many contributory causes, triggers and "generators" of anxiety. While going through the modules I would often find myself almost laughing at how much of it relates to me and how it already seemed to know the intricacies of how I felt. The course shows you that the great monolithic fears that seem to grip you, and the seemingly un-explainable sensations and thoughts to be nothing more than logical consequences of faulty beliefs you hold, habits of thought, and other ways which you end up creating anxiety for yourself. The structure of the material is suited to an anxiety sufferer, starting you with the fundamental basics of what you're experiencing and why and continues to drill down into the details as it progresses. It is very content heavy, with over 100 lessons and leaves no rock un-turned in it's examinations of anxiety and how to eliminate it. Dr David Purves himself is a remarkable therapist and gives great and unique insight with knowledge and experience but also warmth, humour and understanding; He takes anxiety out of a sterile clinical setting and into your own hands, something which I am extremely thankful for."


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