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Panic Pit Stop is a program of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy structured over 6 modules. Each module provides you with a week of activity that will keep you focused on the journey out of panic and anxiety.  Panic Pit Stop also includes many free and always available tools and resources that you can use as part of your treatment program.

As you use Panic Pit Stop you will develop a unique and individualized Recovery Road map that tells you what caused the problem, that tells you what keeps the problem in place and then tells you what you need to do to delete the problem of panic forever.

As part of the Panic Pit Stop Program Bundle you will also get FREE membership of The Mindfulness Journey. This is a 7 module course that teaches you the secrets of mindfulness in such as way as you can apply them to your everyday problems. It is not about sitting and meditating, it is about developing a different response to everyday stresses. It is powerful stuff.

Mood Control is a unique Cognitive Behavior Therapy program that changes the underlying processes behind the problems of depression and anxiety. Once you can see what is happening behind the scenes in your mind you are in a powerful position to regain full emotional control.

In addition: you will get Prime Membership access to The Office Hour Series and also the Insights From The Clinic Series. These are short video courses that both answer common psychological questions but also help you to develop your own understanding of how problems are created and maintained and how you can just get rid of them from your life. 

Take this opportunity to change your life for the better. Delete panic, lose anxiety, defeat depression and banish stress.


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