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If you don't know what is causing the problem then you are helpless to change it. If your're honest and this applies to on.

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Unboxing Panic, Anxiety and Depresion

If you have any questions about panic, anxiety and depression. Watch this video. Especially if you want to know how to remove them from your life. Be prepared to watch to the end for a life changing offer.


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Take advantage of this Time limited offer. You are in complete control. I am committed to helping you as much as I can. Please leave comments and even ask questions. I will do my best to answer you.

I want to tell you more about a system that will teach you to be free of anxiety and panic. 

When you suffer from panic, anxiety and depression it can be truly hard to enjoy life. It doesn't have to be this way. There are tools you can use to feel in emotional control again.  I mean that when you understand what is causing your problems and maintaining them you are half way there to solving them. If this feels like something that would be valuable to you then read on. 

Anxiety refreshes itself every day.

To be free of panic, anxiety and depression you need to learn how to recognize those behind-the-scenes processes that cause these problems in the first place. It is so easy to become hooked on the unpleasantness of the symptoms of anxiety that you can no longer recognize or remember that nothing much changes. That is because anxiety generating processes are still running in the background and they make you their victim. Is this what you want for your life?

How you will feel great again.

The Dr Purves Active Self Help Programs will show you exactly what to do to remove panic, anxiety and depression from your life…forever.

Why you have anxiety and panic in your life.

Anxiety is bad enough but when anxiety reaches a peak then panic arrives. And there is no question about it panic feels like a devastating experience. The first time you had a panic attack you probably felt like you were going to die. But you didn’t, yet it is a hard thing to live with. And if you thought you had a choice you would not choose to have it in your life right now. Would you?

Why anxiety and panic happen.

When you panic your brain has played a terrible trick on you. Your brain has judged that you are about to be annihilated, that your survival needs immediate action and that it needs to happen NOW. Your body is flooded with stress hormones and your muscles get ready for action.  Your breathing changes in preparation to run or fight. Your attention narrows and focuses on the threat in front of you. Whoa...what threat? Where is the threat?

That's the trick you’ve just been a victim of. You’re not under the kind of threat that your brain and body have responded to.  You may not even THINK you’re under any threat at all! That's what makes it so hard to understand why you've had a panic attack.

Dr Purves has created a journey out of panic, anxiety and depression that is guided by a scientifically devised roadmap.

Based on over 20 years of experience treating panic, anxiety and depression in his clinic he has transferred all of his knowledge and skills into The Active Self Help Programs. Now you can use the tools and strategies he has successfully used every day with over 800 face to face clients and over 4200 internet based users.

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"Thank you Dr. Purves. I have completed your panic pit stop module, made a ton of notes and keep them handy now. My score was a high moderate level and it has dropped to a minor level after working through your program. I was experiencing panic, worry, shaking, unable to sleep, constantly running things through my mind, etc. I have found peace and much less worry. I sleep through the night for the most part, I don’t shake and use the tools to stop myself from letting worry get me going. I think if I can keep these tools handy and continue to remember to use them, I will be good going forward. I have just canceled my payment, but it was not for lack of success and appreciation. Things are not perfect, but they are so much better. I think it really did not kick in well until I got to the final couple of weeks, so I was worried it was not working, but I had to have patience. I can not thank you enough. Seeing your face on the videos and hearing your voice was great. The fact you explained the theory behind what was happening was great for me because that is how my mind works. It made sense what I have been doing and feeling for years. That alone was a big help. Take Care. David Wilson "


" Thank you, David. I love the logic and strategic approach to your program. "If you were under real threat you'd be defending your life - you'd be running away." So logical! No other psychologist (or psychiatrist) I've seen over the years, has defined the thinking patterns and behaviours like you have! Having watched the videos on the Panic Pit Stop, I could now clearly (for the first time in decades) identify my problem as being anxiety. I'm surprised that what research has shown so far, that the ER medics don't diagnose a panic/attack when all the vital organs and blood work check out normal. I am so relieved that you are showing me how to take the next steps. "


" Hello, Dr. Purves! I am really enjoying and learning so much from your Panic Pit Stop program...much more than I have ever learned in the past three years from my two previous counsellors. Neither of them have come close to teaching what I have learned from your program - sad to say, in the three years I was going to see these therapists (one being an actual psychologist) not one of them ever took the time to teach me, talk with me about (at any length) any of the information that you have imparted! In fact, I was telling my husband that I now look back at all of that time spent and it seems to me that all they wanted to do was just sit and listen to me talk, while helpful, no one ever gave me any constructive framework in which to truly get better - to get well. Your course is proving to be the missing piece. Thank you. Lastly, thank you for your time and thank you for providing the help so many of us out here need! "


What is Active Self Help Cognitive behavioral Therapy


Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is th emost powerful psychological treatment for panic, anxiety and depression. Active Self Help takes the techniques, tools, knowledge and developed skills and turns it into tools and activities you do on most days at home.

Take this opportunity to change your life for the better. Remove panic, lose anxiety recover from depression.

Try the journey out of Panic, Anxiety and depression with this amazing offer.

The simple fact is unless you take action then nothing will change. You know that this is how the world works. Your brain recreates the experience of anxiety for you every day. So, to start to have anxiety free days you need to change some of those unhelpful brain processes that are causing the problem. Panic is the perception of massive-life challenging threat. But there is no threat other than panic itself and you are the victim of a faulty brain process. Depression is a recurring problem, in the longer term, but it is also a problem that re-occurs daily. But once you start to make your days a little different through ASH-CBT then you create a new path forward. If you want to have anxiety and depression free days then read on and see how others have benefited from the ASH-CBT programs. If you're unsure if this approach will work for then check out the amazing offer and judge it for yourself. If you don't yet feel ready to be anxiety and depression free then book mark this site for future reference.

Use the ASH-CBT programs and get on the journey to wellness.

A powerful endorsement from Carol.

Over many years, I’ve consulted mental health professionals who diagnosed me with suffering from depression. I was always on edge and fearful, but I didn’t know I had anxiety as well till it manifested itself in the form of a series of panic attacks in 2016, landing me in hospital a few times. After being checked out by specialists and given the clear, the Panic Pit Stop App came to my attention. I had been familiar with Dr. Purves’ previous Mood Control series through his You Tube videos. I was particularly excited about the app which then led me to go more in-depth with the Panic Pit Stop Course.

Up till then, I had managed as best I could to cope on my own because seeing a psychologist on a long-term basis was beyond my financial reach. The Panic Pit Stop Course, incredibly affordable, by the way, came to my rescue.  After I signed up, I received a new module each week building on the previous week’s coursework, via email that included a video and/or audio, plus worksheets to download and print.  Within a week of diligently doing the worksheets, I already began to feel more assured as the information I applied slowly began to unravel my faulty thought patterns.

Note in my first sentence I said “suffering from depression.” But learning how the brain works in that depression and anxiety are outcomes from a faulty thinking process, it gave me great hope that I could stop the process and change the outcome. I could do something about my suffering. The most mind-empowering information I gleaned from the course was that “You are safer than you think you are, and you are stronger than you think you are.” Within three months, I learned to master control over anxiety and depression and haven’t had another panic attack since.

It does take commitment and lots of practice and repetition to do the course, but the results are so worth it. I would highly recommend the Panic Pit Stop Course to anyone suffering from anxiety, panic and depression.

" Hi Dr P. I have had panic attacks for as long as I can remember. It started when I was at school and I have had one before every new thing I have ever done. I had given up hope of finding any serious help. I have tried therapy but I am sick of talking about it all I just want some tools I can use to help me through it. I have found your panic pit stop to be really helpful. I can now go outside and enjoy my life without having to worry about what will happen. And I am getting on a lot better with my family. I think they had given up on me getting better. Your videos are really helpful and I like the way you explain everything so it makes sense. I will let you know how things go. Thanks"


"Dr Purves I just want to say thank you. I have worked through the panic course and I really really tried hard to do everything you said I should. I feel better than I have in a very long time. There is so much in the course that I couldn't absorb it all the first time round. So I am going to start again from the beginning and make a lot more notes. Bless you for doing this. Peter"


"Panic Pit Stop is a brilliant self-help CBT tool, providing the tools and resources needed to help combat panic. The modules helped to keep me active, engaged and focused throughout. I have used Panic Pit Stop alongside face-to-face sessions of CBT and it has helped reinforce the sessions, however I think it would be just as brilliant if used purely as a self-help tool. There is a lot to take in, so I particularly like the fact that you can go back to previous modules that are particularly relevant to you, or which need re-enforcing."


Start now with Active Self Help CBT

Take advantage of this Time limited offer. You are in complete control. I am committed to helping you as much as I can. Please leave comments and even ask questions. I will do my best to answer you.

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In my work I show clients how to be free of panic, anxiety and depression. I do it every day in my clinic and I can show you also. We may never meet face to face but with over 340 videos in the Programs you will come to know me very well. And it is my hope that you will also write a testimonial like those on this page. Finally, You have my personal guarantee that if you do not find The ASH-CBT helpful then I will refund all of your fee. No questions and no problems.


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