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The Fantastic Dr Purves Complete CBT Program Bundle with the first 2 weeks for £1

Two weeks £1 then £69.99 per month

14 day trial
  • In The Panic Pit Stop Program alone you have 28+ hours of amazing video content designed to teach you everything you need to know to delete panic, worry and anxiety from your life.
  • Included is the Mindfulness Journey course with many downloadable resources
  • You have the full Mood Control System Modules.
  • You have a library of self help tools in the courses:- Insights from the clinic and Office hours.
  • Make Worry history is included.
  • The Panic Pit Stop App is always there for you.
  • The 7 Day Boost Your Self Esteem Challenge.
  • You have The Stop Overthinking 7 Day Challenge.
  • Access everything from where ever you are, on your smart phone, tablet of home computer. 

What People Are Saying:

“Over many years, I’ve consulted mental health professionals who diagnosed me with suffering from depression. I was always on edge and fearful, but I didn’t know I had anxiety as well till it manifested itself in the form of a series of panic attacks in 2016, landing me in hospital a few times. After being checked out by specialists and given the clear, the Panic Pit Stop App came to my attention. I had been familiar with Dr. Purves’ previous Mood Control series through his You Tube videos. I was particularly excited about the app which then led me to go more in-depth with the Panic Pit Stop Course. Up till then, I had managed as best I could to cope on my own because seeing a psychologist on a long-term basis was beyond my financial reach. The Panic Pit Stop Course, incredibly affordable, by the way, came to my rescue. After I signed up, I received a new module each week building on the previous week’s coursework, via email that included a video and/or audio, plus worksheets to download and print. Within a week of diligently doing the worksheets, I already began to feel more assured as the information I applied slowly began to unravel my faulty thought patterns. Note in my first sentence I said “suffering from depression.” But learning how the brain works in that depression and anxiety are outcomes from a faulty thinking process, it gave me great hope that I could stop the process and change the outcome. I could do something about my suffering. The most mind-empowering information I gleaned from the course was that “You are safer than you think you are, and you are stronger than you think you are.” Within three months, I learned to master control over anxiety and depression and haven’t had another panic attack since. It does take commitment and lots of practice and repetition to do the course, but the results are so worth it. I would highly recommend the Panic Pit Stop Course to anyone suffering from anxiety, panic and depression. ”


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