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Sometimes you need a guide

I have coached many people from world level executives to youngsters wanting to find their way. There is always a way to improve things. It just has to be discovered.


Let me help you make your tomorrow


Most top performers have  a psychological coach. 


It is a simple fact of life that we all need help at some times in our lives. The biggest and most damaging thing is to not seek help when you need it. The consequence of this is often quite catastrophic. Unresolved issues lead to depression, anxiety, panic and stress. It can be hard to find a knowledgeable expert where you live. Also, successful people are often busy and find it difficult to take the time to visit an expert to access help. With coaching from Dr Purves you are embarking on a journey that gives you more of the life you want.

Catch and change key pivot points

You may not recognize it but you are constantly being offered opportunities to change your life for the better. I call these micro-pivots. They are small changes that incrementally alter the direction of your life. Coaching with me trains you to recognize these micro-pivots and capitalize on them for personal change. 

Let's get stated. Make your tomorrow happen today.

Learn the tools to create and craft the life you want.


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